Flex-Able Bungee Hose Product Image

Flex-Able Bungee Hose


What is the contracted length of the Flex-Able Bungee Hose?
25′ Hose – Contracted length is approx. 8.4′
50′ Hose – Contracted length is approx. 16.7′
75′ Hose – Contracted length is approx 25′
100′ Hose – Contracted length is approx 30.4′

How much does the Flex-Able Bungee Hose Weigh?
25′ Hose – Weighs approx. ½ lb.
50′ Hose – Weighs approx. 1 lb.
75′ Hose – Weighs approx. 1½ lb.
100′ Hose – Weighs approx. 2 lb.

How do I extend the life of my Flex-Able Bungee Hose?
• Drain hose and store in a shaded location during warmer months.
• Drain hose and store indoors during colder months.
• Keep hose away from sharp objects.

Is my Flex-Able Bungee Hose covered by a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, Every Flex-Able Bungee Hose is covered by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, less processing and handling.

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